Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Share the Harvest

Even though the weather is still fairly warm during the days, the nights are getting colder. We haven't had a freeze yet, but parts of the state have already, and that had me worried about our pumpkin crop! I debated covering the pumpkin patch with blankets on Monday night, but was assured that it wasn't going to get that cold and that the pumpkins would be fine. Still, I decided last night it was harvest time.

The kids and I started "harvesting" a little after 7:00. It was 8:45 by the time we finished! We counted 42 pumpkins! We picked them (Jake was so happy to have an excuse to use his jack knife!) then hauled them to the front driveway (had to borrow the neighbor's wagon and Paul's wheelbarrow!) The pumpkins were pretty heavy, you can see some are almost as big as Lizzy!

Once we got them to the front driveway, I decided to make room for them in the garage. I figured it was easier to keep them from freezing in the garage and less likely to get stolen. Yes, people do steal pumpkins. Isn't that sad? As we were making room in the garage, a neighbor walked by. I offered her a pumpkin, and we ended up trading a bag of apples from her apple tree for two pumpkins. I have a feeling she'll be bringing more apples by soon. It's not only been a good year for growing pumpkins, but for apples too. The apples are amazing...bigger than the ones I just bought at the grocery store, and delicious too.

After the neighbor left, Lexi saidwe just "bartered". I guess she was right.. it absolutely amazes me the words my kids use sometimes. Obviously that was something they talked about in school. How cool is it that she actually had an opportunity to use that word? I'm sure there will be many more opportunities in the next month.. we still have 40 pumpkins to share!

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