Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

After much drama, everyone finally found a costume to wear trick or treating. Jake was Darth Vader (left over from last year), Lexi was a cat (had to call a friend to borrow black pants...who would have thought to check for pants before Halloween night?) and Lizzy was a Vikings cheerleader (I figured the woof-woof ears wouldn't last past one house!)

Brad took the kids around the block. Lizzy caught on right away and even tried her best to say "trick or treat" and "thank you". Jake was the first to tucker out... he wanted to come home, sort his candy, and help me hand out candy. Lizzy was the second to quit, leaving just Dad and Lexi to make one more lap, which has become thier tradition the past few years. While they did that, Jake, Lizzy and I went to visit Sheena and Madonna. All three kids got a haul of candy...we'll still be eating it at Christmas! Click at the bottom of the page to hear Jake talk about trick or treating...
Still on a sugar high, the big kids invited themselves over to Sheena and Jesse's to play video games. Brad went to a party at the McCloud's house. Lizzy crashed, and I am about to do the same. But are the much anticipated pumpkin pictures...


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