Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lexi Does the News

Every October, KFYR-TV holds "Students Do the News". It's a big deal..students in grades fourth through ninth write a 30 second story, then get to sit with a KFYR-TV news, weather or sports anchor and read their story. This is the first year one of my kids has been old enough to compete. Much to my surprise, Lexi was interested! I explained to her that she couldn't win.. it wouldn't be fair if a station employee's kid won. People would think it was rigged. She was ok with that. She was still elgible to win the door prizes, and that was enough for her. But, she told me, "no offense"...but she didn't want to do news. She wanted to do sports. Fine with me.

I actually think she might do very well in the news business someday, because she seems to thrive on deadlines. The night before the event, she still hadn't written her story! I made her jot down some ideas and then helped her jazz it up a bit. She did a pretty good job without my help though, I must say! Here's her final script:

Thanks Bill. I'm sure you all know that in 4th grade you can start basketball. Girl's basketball actually started in September. I'm on a team called the M and M's. We picked that name because all the girls on the team go to either Moses or Miller . We practice every Thursday for one hour and work on setting screens and boxing out. On Saturday mornings, we play real games. So far, we haven't lost a single game. There is one game left in this season. Basketball is a good sport for girls to play because it teaches teamwork and how to get along with others. Thanks for watching..next year, I'll have a report on fifth grade girls basketball.

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