Monday, October 27, 2008

Identity Crisis

What will you be for Halloween?

The kids have been thinking about that question for months. Jake begged to be Indiana Jones, but I convinced him since he was sick with the flu last Halloween, Darth Vader is still good for one more year (I paid $20 for that costume...and he hardly wore it last year!). Lexi decided to be a cat..against my better judgement (I'm not a cat person). But she found a cute cat mask and tail at the store, so at least she'll be a cute cat. Plus I was thinking her costume would still work even with a warm winter coat on.

Lizzy has been much more difficult to find a costume for. She likes to "borrow" Jake's costume (he's been trying it on a lot lately! He even wore the cape to Mary's one night). But, as cute as a baby Darth Vader is, I really wanted her to be a woof woof. She is absolutely crazy about dogs, so I thought it would be perfect, and there are so many cute puppy costumes, it should be easy, right? Wrong.

I stumbled upon a super-cute woof woof costume at Target one day when I wasn't even looking for costumes. I debated for several minutes over buying it..I just wasn't sure if it would fit. I finally decided it would. That night, I attempted to try the costume on Lizzy. She would have none of that. She thought it was a lovey, and just wanted to carry it around and cuddle it, like a lovey. When Brad got home I had him hold her down (no kidding) and I got the outfit on her the best I could. It didn't fit! In fact, it was way too small!

A few nights later, I took the big kids to faith formation and Lizzy and I headed to the party store. I found another puppy outfit (still cute, but not nearly as cute as the pug dog from Target). Problem is, all Halloween purchases at this store were non-returnable. So I fought with her in the store to try it on. She screamed... loudly... and this costume didn't fit. Now, since my neighbors own this store, I felt sure they could help me out. Nope. That was the biggest and only woof woof costume they had.

So, we went back to Target...where we found nothing. We picked up the big kids, and went back to the party store. That's when Lexi found her costume, and when we settled on the woof woof ears and nose for Lizzy. Not exactly what I had in mind, but good enough. She actually wore them to the Cub Scouts party..for about five minutes. So, I guess she'll just have to put on her puppy dog eyes on Halloween night, and hope that people give her candy for being cute!
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