Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Shiner

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Lizzy has a black eye. It's not her first. It's actually her second. Yes, she's only 18 months old. This is by far the worst shiner she's had though. It happened last week Monday. This picture was taken on Saturday. For a few days, she could barely open her eye because it was so swollen. We debated taking her in, but opted not to, for fear they'd think we abuse our daughter. Of course, if they knew me, they'd know she comes by her clumsiness quite naturally.
How this black eye happened is still a bit of a mystery. We do know it happened at daycare on Monday, somewhere in the living room. Lizzy and her friend Adyson were carrying baby dolls from the toyroom to the living room. Madonna stopped in the bathroom to wash her hands, and the next thing she knew, Lizzy was crying. Judging from where the baby doll landed, we think she hit her eye on the lever that reclines the Lazy boy rocker.

Madonna, of course, feels terrible. I feel bad for her, and for Lizzy. But really, things like this happen. Especially to kids who are as daring as Lizzy. The kid has no fear. And, she sees her big brother and sister doing things and doesn't understand why she can't do the same. I have a feeling that there will be many more black eyes in this little daredevil's future!
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