Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

My mind is racing, my thoughts are scattered, and these are my random thoughts at the moment:
  • Soon, I'll be mom to FOUR kids. Yikes. Pregnancy has gone fast, yet at the same time, it feels like I've been pregnant forever! The crib is assembled, but that's about the only preparation we've made. Honestly, I think the only reason that is done is so Lizzy has time to get used to having the crib in her room. I'm a little scared about this sleeping arrangement... I've seen Lizzy throw lots of toys, most of them not soft toys, into the crib. I have visions of her doing that while baby is sleeping. I did pick up a couple of sleepers the other day when I was at Target, so baby will have something to wear home from the hospital. After that, we may just crank the heat and lounge around in diapers. Which reminds me, I should probably buy some diapers.
  • When baby comes, I will have a few days to myself. Very strange to think of a hospital stay as time to myself, but with current visitor restrictions at the hospital (because of H1N1) Brad is the only person that will be allowed to visit baby and me. Not even our other kids will be able to visit. So if you were planning to stop by, don't. They won't let you in!
  • I'm a little jealous of Lexi's basketball team. They finished their season tonight...undefeated! I never played on an undefeated team. Very cool. They really should have lost last night, but they surprised us all and came from behind to win (they were down by at least 12 points at one point). Her team was so fun to watch... all sweet girls who all got along really well. We celebrated by going out for pizza as a team tonight. The girls were so pumped and it was fun to visit with the other parents outside of the gym! I see lots of potential in these girls... perhaps a state championship in a few years?!?!? No pressure... but wouldn't that be cool?

  • While one basketball season ends, Lexi is gearing up for another. Traveling ball starts soon, and it will be fun to see how she plays with those girls. Only one of her teammates goes to her school.
  • Halloween. Jake and Lizzy are sooo excited. Lexi hasn't said much, but she's been pretty busy. Lizzy can't wait to wear her Abby Cadabby outfit, and Jake is pumped to be a hot dog. It's a funny costume, trust me. I'll make sure and take some pictures. Lexi will be a witch.....Lizzy is concerned that she will be a "good witch". It sounds like the weather will not cooperate though, in fact, snow is now in the forecast.
  • I wonder when road construction season will truly end. I've thought several times that Brad's busy season was over, only to have him work more long days. The overtime check will be nice, but having Brad home will be even nicer. I feel bad for him too... we are several weeks into the pheasant season and the poor guy hasn't been out once. Oh wait, he did go elk hunting for ten days...nevermind!
  • Names. Wonder what we will name this baby?!??!?! Lizzy insists it's a girl, and will be named Abby (after Abby Cadabby!) but what if it's a boy? I better dig out that baby name book....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Purse

I bought a new purse over the weekend. I didn't really need a new purse, or even want one. It wasn't even an impulse buy... I saw it when I got my haircut on Thursday, but it took me until Saturday to decide if it was really worth $31. And it took me until today to finally find time to make the big switch from the old purse to the new. What I learned during the switch is that your purse, and what's in it, can tell a lot about you. Mine screams "I'm a busy mom".

Along with the standard wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, and cell phone I found all kind of other "treasures" in my purse. Wondering what those "treasures" could possibly be? Here's a list:
  • Lizzy's baby doll and bottle that goes everywhere we go
  • Five Girl Scout badges that a good troop leader really would have put on her scout's vest by now
  • A bouncy ball
  • Receipts I need to remember to turn in at the next PTO meeting
  • Coupons a certain two year old likes to collect at the grocery store (coupons for things I never need, mind you)
  • Coupons I had intended to use, but got lost in the bottom of my purse until now, and are now expired
  • A half eaten sucker that Lizzy begged for at Wal-Mart, but quickly discarded once we got out of the check-out line
  • Christmas ideas for the kids
  • Two Avon books, with pages marked of things I thought I should buy....the books are now outdated
  • An old pay stub, with what I can only assume are very important notes written on the envelope. Sure wish I knew what great idea I was scribbling down!
None of these so-called "treasures" went into the new purse. At least not yet. I'm sure by tomorrow afternoon, at least a few will have returned. I'm ok with that. Because right now my purse says "boring".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feeling Blessed

I've spent most of this week feeling sorry for myself....left behind with three kids while Brad is off on the hunting trip of his dreams. Lizzy's upset tummy and my pregnant aches and pains have made that self pity even greater. But today, I suddenly snapped out of it, and realized how truly blessed I am.

There I was..sitting with Jake and Lizzy at Lexi's basketball game, thinking of all the things I had to get done today. As I was making my mental list, I saw Madonna, Sheena, Jesse, Jorja, Mary, Rachel and Evan all walk into the gym. And that's when it hit me. All these people came to watch Lexi play basketball, and these same people would be glad to help me in a pinch. I am not all alone with three kids for ten days. I have awesome family just minutes away who have saved me time and time again, and would do it again without a second thought.

I realized how selfish I've been. Not everyone is lucky enough to have family in town, or even near enough to help in a bind. I have friends who have actually had to advertise for help, help that I get for free and take completely for granted.

So, to those of you who came to Lexi's game, and those of you who have watched my kids so I could run to the store, or shoveled snow from my driveway, cleaned my house, driven my kids to practice, or just come to my house to hang out, THANK YOU. I don't say it enough, but know that you are truly appreciated.
By the way, Lexi's team won their game....still undefeated! This one was a little close for my comfort...just three points....but it ended on an awesome note...Lexi blocked a shot!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Least Favorite Time of Year

The forecast calls for snow tonight. Summer is over. Fall is over too, for that matter. Winter is upon us. That also means road construction season is over...and hunting season is here. This is my very least favorite time of the year.

I knew when I married Brad that he liked to hunt. But I had no idea how much he liked to hunt. He normally only hunts pheasants and deer, but manages to spend much of October, November and December hunting those animals. This year, he expanded his horizons...and is on a ten day elk hunt in Colorado with a brother and two college buddies. He also has a bear tag, just in case.

Now, I'm all about hobbies, spending time with friends, and doing what you love. But I'd be lying if I said I was totally happy about this hunting trip. Yes, it's been a dream of his for a very long time. Yes, it was planned before we knew we baby number four was on the way. Yes, he deserves it..he works hard all summer and should definitely be rewarded for that.

Still, I'm bitter. I'm home with three kids, one of which is fighting a double ear infection and having a terrible reaction to her antibiotic. I am seven and a half months pregnant, which makes everything a little more difficult...my patience is worn thin, my back hurts, and I'm tired. But, such is life. We will get through this and look forward to hearing Brad's hunting stories and seeing the pictures he will hopefully remember to take. And, while he's gone...the kids and I are determined to have fun. Today, I had a pedicure. Tonight, I found an Applebees gift card (of Brad's) and we went out for supper. I have more on my "revenge list".... including a day of scrapping, and eventually, a trip somewhere warm...for ten days, with no kids, no husbands... just me and my fellow hunting widows!