Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kitchen Lessons

Brad spent most of ths evenng cleaning the oven. It was long overdue, but it's just one of those things I never get done.

He should probably get Husband of the Year for tackling this job. It was pretty gross. But, while I do the majority of the cooking, it can't be completely my fault.

Remember this summer when Lexi and Tess were on a baking frenzy? I think a few pans of their famous monster bars must have overflowed in the oven.
A six-course meal, calls for fancy china.
Amazingly, only one glass got broken!

And a few weekends ago, Lexi had both Tess and Taylor over for a sleepover. They are so good at thinking of things to do. This sleepover was all about cooking. They planned, shopped for, and cooked Lizzy, Morgan and I an entire meal. We're talking a six course meal. It was actually delicious. But the best part wasn't the food in my belly (although I do love food!). The best part was watching them work together and plan this big project. They learned how to slice potatoes and cook noodles, but they also learned about teamwork, following directions  and organization.

Perhaps their next lesson will be how to clean an oven....

The Chefs

Monday, October 4, 2010


Brad's aunt gave me this today... it's totally Morgan... I wish I had a "Morgan-Cam"!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Brother Jake

Jake acts like he doesn't like his sisters, but the truth is, he loves them. He especially loves Lizzy.

Yes, they clash a lot. Everyday, actually. Multiple times. I get so tired of refereeing their arguments. But I know they fight, because they love each other, and because they are so much a like.

Tonight, Jake finally admitted how much he loves Lizzy. He just discovered my Lizzy-isms Blog. Now I can't get him to stop reading it. He is sitting at the computer, laughing hysterically. A few times, he's been laughing so hard, he fell off his chair. At one point he said to me " Thanks for showing me this Mom. It's so funny." He's even become an official "follower" and told me if he's ever sad, he's going to go read some Lizzy-isms. That, he says, is the best way to make anyone smile.

So think what you will. Poor Jake. The only boy with three sisters. But I know the truth. Jake loves his sisters. And Jake wouldn't know what to do without his sisters, especially without Lizzy...because without Lizzy, Jake says "there would be no sunshine, and also no Lizzy-isms."