Friday, September 5, 2008


Yea for Fridays! It's been a long week, and all five of us are looking forward to the weekend. Jake has big plans to stay up until midnight, because he says he's tired of going to bed at 8:30 every night. I predict he'll last until about 9:00, then fall alseep on the couch, just like his dad!

We are all fighting colds, but I seem to be the hardest hit. My head has been throbbing most of the week and I started coughing last night. Such fun. Better me than the kids though I figure.

Brad is getting anxious to build his garage. He and Paul spent much of last night getting stuff ready. They plan to start building tomorrow morning. Pray for good weather. There is a chance of rain the forecast, but I plan to have a chat with the weatherman this afternoon to get that chance removed!

Lexi had her first basketball practice last night. They were scrimmaging when I got there. It was so fun to watch! They definitely need to work on their ball handling and shooting skills, but for fourth graders, I thought they did pretty awesome. I've started calling Lexi and Tess the "Twin Towers". They don't really get it, but I said in time they will understand why teams are scared of the tall girls. They will practice every Thursday for an hour and play games every Saturday, starting next week.

The kids are going to my parents' farm tomorrow. I have an Uppercase Living event, and Brad will be busy building. I'm hoping Lizzy behaves for Grandma and Grandpa! No doubt they'll be tired by the time she leaves. The kid never stops moving! Reminds me a lot of Jake...

Have a wonderful weekend!
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