Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy in the High Chair

Lizzy is, for the most part, a happy kid. She loves to play with the dogs, pick on her big brother, cuddle her big sister, and play outside. But, she is quite possibly, the happiest..when she's eating!

And the messier the food, the happier she is. As I look at the thousands of pictures I have taken of her over the past 16 months, the funniest ones are of her in her high chair. These pictures are just from the past four days!

In the first, she was enjoying a piece of corn on the cob. She couldn't quite figure out how best to eat it, so she just smiled her big cheeseball grin.

The middle picture is, obviously, chocolate pudding. She took that out of the fridge all by herself, got a spoon, and climbed up on a chair to eat. She did even manage to eat a little of the pudding..but most of it ended up on her face and clothes!

And the third picture is ravioli. She apparently didn't eat the whole time she was at Grandma's house this weekend, because she was STARVING when she got home! She ate a whole can of ravioli, a piece of pizza, some lettuce and a brownie!

I suppose child obesity experts would say that she's on her way to being an overweight kid, that good eating habits start as toddlers, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. She's one. She's not obese, and she will not become obese. Because I do not let my child sit in the high chair and eat all day long. She eats, then runs, and runs, and runs. There's no way she doesn't burn off everything she eats, and then some. Have you seen this kid? There's a reason we call her "Busy Lizzy". And, there is also a reason I just can't resist taking pictures of her when she's smiling so pretty in her high chair!

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