Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lizzy's Loveys

For the past several weeks, we have not left home without Lizzy's "loveys". She packs her "loveys" in a bag.. either a canvas shopping bag or a much too small bag from Build a Bear Workshop. Then she slings her bag over her shoulder, and walks to the van. Really.. where did my baby go?

You're probably wondering what a "lovey" is. A "lovey" is a small stuffed animal.. one that Lizzy can easily hold (as opposed to her gigantic woof-woof that she can't sleep without) and that fits in her bag of choice. The usual suspects include Pablo, Woof Woof (even though he's a bit too big for the bag), Bob, a big-eyed monkey, and whatever other Webkins she can steal from her sister.

Yes, they are just stuffed animals, but "loveys" often get thirsty. So a cup of milk always goes in the bag too, just in case the "loveys" need a drink. It's pretty nasty if I forget the "loveys" in the van overnight.. not much smells worse than a sippy cup full of curdled milk.

The "loveys" go to daycare each day. Because, you see, Madonna doesn't have ANY toys. Charley would love to eat the "loveys", but Lizzy usually catches him and screams at him until he drops them. The "loveys: also go to church, and to school events. When she has an audience, Lizzy takes each "lovey" out of the bag with excitement, it's as if she's never seen them before. Then her "audience" gets to hold them all for her. Such a fun game!

I have no idea why she loves these stuffed animals we call "loveys" so much. I also have no idea why we call them "loveys". But, I do know that they make Lizzy happy. And that makes the rest of us happy too.

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