Thursday, September 18, 2008

For the Dogs

Lizzy has always loved woof-woofs. Really. I think her first words were "woof-woof". It doesn't matter who the dog is, or if she even knows the puppy. She gets excited when she sees a dog, then wants to grab his face and give him kisses and hugs. Those kisses are on the lips kisses, by the way. At the street fair last weekend, she could have cared less about the music and the food. But when a dog walked by, she nearly jumped out of my arms.

Obviously she's grown up with dogs, so she doesn't know to be scared. Bob and Windsor are about the most harmless dogs in the world, and Madonna's dog Charley wouldn't hurt a flea either. So she's been able to do whatever she wants, becuase those dogs will all put up with her. She often uses Bob as a pillow or a horse and Charley seems to be just as excited to see her and she is to see him.

But this love for the woof-woofs has gotten a little out of control. I don't think she's eating anymore! Because, how can she eat when there's a hungry woof-woof giving her puppy dog eyes through the sliding door? I busted her feeding Windsor her lunch the other day. There's a small tear in our screen door, so she was slipping her summer sausage through that hole in the door to him. The small tear is now huge, because Windsor eventually stuck his whole nose through the door to get the food a little faster. And, if the door isn't locked, she will open it and let both Bob and Windsor in to eat the food directly from the table.

It's no wonder the dogs put up with so much from her. She's making sure they're well fed! It's ok though, because she also has learned to sneak out the sliding door. At least three times on Sunday, she sneaked out of the kitchen and I found her in the backyard, with the dogs right by her side. I suppose they figured they better keep an eye on her... because you never know, she might have had a treat in her hand!

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