Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas From the Kerzman 6

First, the basics:

Brad – same job (ND Department of Transportation)– still hunts and plays basketball.
Jody – same job (KFYR-TV) – still drives kids around to a million activities, and occasionally scrapbooks. Occasionally.
Lexi – 11 years old – sixth grade – loves basketball, volleyball, her iPod, her friends, and her sisters… and once in awhile, she even loves her brother.
Jake – 9 years old – fourth grade - loves football, the Minnesota Vikings, basketball, football, his friends, video games,reading, football, and deep down, we think he even loves his sisters. Did I mention football?
Lizzy - 3 years old - loves dresses, tutus, jewelry, hunting, her baby sister, books, baking and arts and crafts.
Morgan – 1 year old – loves everything. Seriously. Happiest. Kid. Ever.
Bob – 10 years old – loves hunting, sleeping, and cleaning up the kitchen floor after Morgan eats.
Windsor – 4 years old – is now living with Uncle John. He has become a farm dog and has never been happier.

Now, the fun stuff….
Top 10 Things That Happened in 2010 (in no particular order!)

10. Lexi took a babysitting class, and quickly became our favorite babysitter. Having a built in babysitter has certainly made life a little easier. But, she is such a good babysitter, she is in demand. And everyone pays better than Mom.
9. Shea Family Reunion. Who knew there were actually enough Sheas to have a reunion? It’s true. There are. And we had a reunion, although it was about one fifth the size of a Kerzman reunion! It was great to see some of my long-lost cousins, their kids, and some relatives I didn’t even know I had. The kids and I took a few extra days and spent time at the farm and even tented it one night in the Black Hills. We did camp a few more times during the summer, closer to home. There’s just something about cooking over a fire, not showering, and spending time in the North Dakota sunshine that makes us all very happy.
8. Lexi went to California. Can you say road trip? Lexi tagged along with two of Brad’s aunts and one uncle on a road trip from Bismarck to California. They went for a wedding, but made stops in Colorado, Las Vegas, the ocean and the famous Hollywood sign that Lexi has always wanted to see.
7. Jake discovered scotch tape. He spent much of the summer building things out of paper and scotch tape. Jake built many paper guns, which my aunts compared to my dad’s obsession with building tractors out of playing cards and scotch tape when he was Jake’s age. I guess some things really are genetic.
6. Lizzy started speech. Yep, no more “ZaZa” for Lexi, no more “Hizzy huvs you”. She goes once a week, and has made amazing progress, but still has a very long way to go. Lucky for her, her teacher is a saint.
5. Lizzy went deer hunting. Lizzy and Brad bonded. Big time. They spent a few days in Mott and a few days in Bison. Lizzy wore a tutu the entire time, but got her nose right in as the guys gutted their deer.
4 Jake and Brad saw the Vikings win! I know, with the season they’re having, this is pretty amazing, but it is true. They went to the Vikings/Cowboys game. Jake is quite possibly the biggest Vikings fan in the world, and he probably knows more team stats than any other nine year old boy, and some adults too. Jake’s favorite tv channel is ESPN. He played flag football again this year, and now insists he is ready for “real” (tackle) football next fall. I’m a little scared.
3. Lizzy got her own blog. Check it out…. The kid says and does so many funny things, it’s the only way I can remember them all. Someday I will write a book. Until then, follow her online. She will make you smile. I promise. You can follow our family too at
2. Basketball. Lexi and Jake are both playing school ball and traveling basketball this year, which means our weekends are filled with games, Brad and I suffer from some major bleacher butt, and the little girls’ favorite meals are ring pops and concession stand hotdogs. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.
1. Morgan learned to walk. This was huge. I have never been anxious for my children to walk, because it means they’re growing up, but this time I was ready. After two months of being on the verge of walking, Morgan took off four days before her first birthday. She hasn’t stopped yet!

We hope your 2010 was as exciting as ours, and that you take a few moments to create your own top ten list for this year. Have a blessed Christmas and make 2011 the best year ever!

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