Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Stockings Are Hung

Morgan's stocking
I think we're finally almost ready for Christmas. Jake and Lizzy are dying to open their gifts. Lexi is excited about a break from school, and homework.

I have a few gifts that still need to be wrapped, but I got one big thing checked off my to-do list tonight: the stockings, all six of them, are finally hung!

I've sewn all our stockings and I had it in my head that Morgan's should be handmade too. I had good intentions to get her stocking done last year. I bought the fabric. But that's as far as I got.  Tonight, I kicked Brad and the kids out for an hour so I could sew. It took less than an hour, and actually turned out pretty cute.

Now, if I could only get her one year pictures taken.... she's 13 months, 11 days old... but who's counting?

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