Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Baby Morgan

It must be tough being the fourth child.

Lexi is 11 and responsible, and busy.

Jake is 9 and suffering from major middle child syndrome.

Lizzy is three and, well, she's Lizzy. See more at

And then there's Morgan. Nearly 11 months old, and the calmest, sweetest, mellowest baby ever. Sometimes she's so mellow, we forget about her.

I suppose when you live in a crazy, busy house like ours, and you're the baby, you sort of have to be mellow. The poor thing was dragged to her first basketball game at just ten days old. She still takes some of her best naps in gyms, and the buzzer never even wakes her.

While I love having such a mellow, patient, easy-going baby, I can't help but feel a little sorry for Miss Morgan too. Case in point, last weekend's photo shoot. It was supposed to be a photo shoot for Morgan. But Lizzy managed to steal the show.

The pictures of Lizzy are amazing, and I love them all (see just a few at But what you won't see there are the equally amazing pictures of sweet baby Morgan. Again, the photographers managed to capture her easy-going personality, just like they captured Lizzy's Punky Brewster style and personality.

Here are a few of my favorites of sweet baby Morgan:


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