Friday, September 17, 2010

Stretching a Dollar

Jake has been pestering me for awhile to go to the Dollar Store. I've been putting it off, because I hate the Dollar Store, until I get there. Then I love it. And that love paired with the amazing price of only one-dollar, always leads me astray, and I spend way too much money.

Yesterday, I had run out of excuses not to go to the Dollar Store. Lexi was a basketball practice, and we had a whole hour to kill. So Jake, Lizzy, Morgan and I went shopping. Jake had $6.74 of his own money, and was figuring out how many things he could buy and still afford tax (talk about math in a real life situation). He really wanted duct tape and rubber bands. The rest, he was just going to "play by ear", in his words.

We spent about 45 minutes wandering the aisles of the Dollar Tree. I spent $15.90. Jake spent $6.36. Here's a list of our amazing, can't live without, purchases:
  • Rubber bands - a package of 100 for only $1...and they are all different sizes!
  • Two rolls of packaging tape - that was the best we could do, there was no duct tape.
  • An air horn - Jake's second favorite item, behind the rubber bands. My least favorite purchase.
  • A bow and arrow - it's plastic and no one has lost an eye. Yet.
  • A toy gun - I'm sure it will be used as a guide to make one out of paper.
  • Two sparkly purple necklaces and bracelets - one for Lizzy, one for Jorja.
  • Two shiny princess crowns - a pink on for Lizzy, a purple one for Jorja.
  • Two magic wands - again, one for Lizzy, one for Jorja "Mom, Jorja needs this!" How can you say no to that?
  • A package of foam visors - these are to be decorated. Lizzy plans to give one to her speech teacher, because visor is a speech word.
  • A package of foam magic wands - because one can never have too many magic wands, or projects.
  • Princess picture and paint - they've already been painted. They are beautiful.
  • Three rolls of bubble wrap - I don't think this really needs to be explained. Bubble wrap rules.
  • A big red basket - because I'm trying really hard to keep the toys in the van contained. I'm sure this $1 basket will bring me success.
  • Silly putty - the only thing on Lizzy's original list.
  • A headband with long purple hair attached - we've already gotten our $1 out of this - Lizzy wore it to football last night and the chiropractor this morning.
As I look at this list, I can't find one thing we actually needed but I guess that's part of the fun of the Dollar Store. Just don't let me go back there for a long time.

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