Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lizzy may be the only kid with an entire blog dedicated to the funny things she says and does, but that doesn't mean the rest of my kids don't have their fair share of "isms". Today, it's all Jake.
  • Tonight he told me he's not going to get married. He's going to have a job like Dad's, but no family. He's going to live in a small, inexpensive house. But he will make lots of money, like Dad, and since he won't have a big house or a big family to pay for, he will be rich. Rich in money anyway. He admitted he might get a little lonely. He went on to say when he gets lonely and wants a good meal, he will go visit Lexi and her family.
  • Over a big plate of spaghetti, Jake was re-thinking his life plan and said maybe he will have a girlfriend someday, but not a wife. He doesn't want to share his house, or his money, but it might be nice to have some company once in awhile. He will not share his house with his girlfriend though.
  • Lexi is going to an opera on Friday. I asked her if she was looking forward to it and while she was trying to decide if she was excited about it or not, Jake piped in his opera knowledge... "people think it's just  fat ladies singing in high pitched voices but really it's a play that all the words in it are put into a musical".
  • I must have been frowning as I was washing the supper dishes, because out of the blue, Jake told me it takes 23 muscles to smile, but 67 to frown so I should smile more. It would be easier on my muscles.
  • I brought home a couple of big boxes from work today. We used one to protect the table when Lizzy fingerpainted, and the other has become a toy. Jake convinced Lizzy and Brad to tape the box shut with him inside... he wanted to be mailed to Grandma's!
  • This morning Jake was studying his football (the same one Lizzy snuggled at naptime yesterday) and says to me: "I'm not trying to say a bad word, but look at this... my football says 'wtf'. Isn't that sort of inappropriate, Mom?". Um, yeah. And how does he know what "wtf" means???