Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Day in Numbers

4: The number of hours I spent at work.
2.12: The price of two waffle cones at TCBY on Waffle Cone Wednesday...and the cost of a fun date with Lizzy.
1: The number of times I chased Lizzy around the block. She took off on her bike and just kept going. Morgan and I ran behind her.
22: The number of times I yelled at Lizzy to stop when she was riding her bike around the block.
22: The number of times Lizzy ignored me on that trip around the block.
93: The number of naughty words I mumbled under my breath while chasing Lizzy around the block.
3: The number of times I cursed Paul's name for filling Lizzy's bike tires with air. The flat tires slowed her down.
4: The number of neighbors I've warned about Lizzy, and told to send her home if they find her wandering around the neighborhood.
12: The number of neighbors I still need to warn.
2: The number of times Jake hit me in the face with a basketball.
11: The number of times Lizzy disappeared this afternoon.
2: The number of times Lizzy hid so well I couldn't find her. Once was inside a cooler in the garage, once was behind the garage.
41: The number of times I wanted to laugh at Lizzy's antics, but bit my tongue instead. I hate to encourage her.
3: The number of locks Brad put on the gates to keep Lizzy contained in the backyard. She hasn't figured out how to open the locks yet, but she can, and will, open a gate and escape.
2: The number of cans of green beans I made for supper.
0: The number of loads of laundry I did today.
110: The number of minutes I got to spend with one of my very best friends this evening. Granted, we were working on a project that whole time, but we still got to see each other, and that counts.
5: The number of years my sweet neice Emma has been alive. Happy birthday Emma!
39: The number of minutes I talked on the phone wtih my sister.
0: The number of naps Lizzy took this afternoon.
5: The number of Max and Ruby episodes Lizzy watched before finally falling asleep tonight.
10: The number of additional minutes of Max and Ruby I watched before realizing Lizzy was sleeping.
 0: The number of regrets I have about how I spent my day!

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