Sunday, March 21, 2010

Choose Your Battles

To say Lizzy is independent, would be an understatement. She is very stubborn, very opinionated, and very independent. That's why I've learned to choose my battles with her, especially when it comes to clothes. I don't even argue anymore. So when this was her chosen outfit yesterday, I said fine...and we headed to Lexi's basketball game. Flowers, stripes...and the shoes... take it all in... oh, and the lopsided ponytails (ok, that is my fault)...

No, the shoes don't match, and yes, they are both left shoes. But they are both pink. That should count for something, right? I tried to correct her before we left, but Lizzy informed me "my like them like this". Enough said.

Lexi was a little horrified, but everyone else got a kick out of it, Lizzy was the center of attention, and, the best part....we were on time! Had I argued with her and forced her to wear something that matched, we would have missed the first half of the game.

And, in Lizzy's defense, the other sparkly shoe was buried in the toy box, so there was no way she would have found it yesterday morning. She did find it today, and went to the games wearing matching shoes. But, had she chosen a mismatched pair again, I wouldn't have argued.

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