Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to Work

It's been awhile since I updated this blog... over a month, actually. It's not because I haven't thought about it. I think about writing all the time... I have so much to say.... but no time to put my thoughts into words! I have a few minutes now, so will try to put my thoughts for the past month into words. I am still a list writer, so much so, that my thoughts and potential blog topics have been scribbled on my daily to-do lists for the past month. For lack of a better way to organize my thoughts, and a lack of time, I will share them in list form:
  1. Work sucks. Not my job specifically, just the idea that I have to work sucks. My return to work has been challenging, difficult, and yet rewarding. My job has changed. When I went on maternity leave, I was producing and anchoring the Noon Report. Now, I am the education reporter. I am still part-time, which is usually 20 to 25 hours a week and truly is best for my family. There's no way I could work full-time and be a good mom (my hat is off to moms who can work full time and still be great moms.. I have no idea how you do it.) It is still so hard to leave my little girls every day. I miss them like crazy when I'm working, and Lizzy has been throwing fits when I leave. She got used to having me around all day, every day during my maternity leave. Those fits break my heart, even though I know she stops two minutes after I leave. Morgan doesn't seem to notice when I'm gone, but she always greets me with a big smile when I return.... I find myself rushing home just to see that sweet smile.
  2. Coffee and Diet Coke make life better. I've tried cutting back, but I have come to peace with the idea that I can not function without my morning coffee and my afternoon Diet Coke. I think my family appreciates it when I satisfy my need for caffeine. I'm not the nicest person when I haven't had my coffee or my Diet Coke!
  3. I like routine. I loved the routine of being home everyday.. my biggest concerns were getting the big kids to and from school and practices on time. The rest of my days were dedicated to my little girls...napping, eating, diaper changes and playing. My how that has changed! Our days are crazy, unpredictable and never the same. I miss the routine of being a stay-home-mom. The good news is, so far, we've managed to handle the unpredictable days and nights just fine. Morgan is pretty good at sleeping through the buzzer at basketball games, and Lizzy actually looks forward to volleyball games and seeing Lexi's friends.
  4. Kids grow up way too fast. Yesterday I cleaned out Morgan's dresser. I put away the zero to three month outfits that should have been put away a month ago. I also got rid of some three to six month outfits, and dug out the six month outfits. Lexi got Morgan ready for bed last night, and put her in one of the six month outfits. I almost cried when I realized how well it fit. At least six times over the weekend, I heard Brad comment how fast Morgan is growing, and how big she's getting. He's right. It really does seem like just yesterday she was born. It also seems like Lexi was a baby just the other day. She will be 11 in a few weeks, and she also is growing so fast. It makes me sad to see my babies grow up, but at the same time, it's fun to see the awesome young people they are turning out to be.
  5. I don't understand wrestling. Jake spent the last two weeks wrestling. He practiced every day after school and had two wrestling meets. I went to both, and cheered loud. But I really had no idea why I was cheering. I just don't get the sport. What I do get is that Jake had a great time, learned some new moves, and was pretty excited about the whole experience. Now he's talking about doing another session. I'm totally fine with that. Maybe the more wrestling I watch the more I'll understand. Maybe. I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Volleyball is fun to watch. While I don't understand wrestling, I do understand volleyball. Lexi is in the middle of her volleyball season and she's having a blast. I am having a blast watching her pick up this sport. She's never played before, and she was worried she wouldn't be any good. Lucky for her, she's got some natural athletic ability and has picked up the game quickly. The girls still have a ways to go before they're ready for the state championship, but for fifth graders, I think they're kicking some serious butt.
  7. Lizzy picks up everything. I know kids repeat everything they hear, but sometimes I forget that. Lizzy is always there to remind me she's listening. The other day before school she walked around the house asking Jake and Morgan "what's your problem?". Of course she used the snottiest tone ever and I wondered if I really ask that question a lot, and if I also use a snotty voice. Better work on that. Or at least teach her to do as I say, not as I do!
  8. RSV is icky. None of my kids have ever had RSV before, until now. I took Morgan in a few weeks ago (sorry, don't remember when... I've lost all track of time!) because she was coughing, sounded raspy, and at times was having a hard time breathing. Our doctor didn't do the test, because it's a terrible test (a swab that goes down the throat and out the nose...yuck) but said she had all the symptoms. Because it's a virus, there was no medicine that could help. We had to tough it out, prop her up while she slept, and give her lots of hugs. The worst part is, if she could just blow her nose and spit, she would have been fine. Unfortunately, she's too little to get that concept (I still have a hard time getting Jake to blow his nose!) so we all suffered. She is finally feeling better and we are all glad for that... time for these tired parents to get a few hours of sleep! Lizzy and I also had colds, but we are also feeling better. I'm praying the rest of the family doesn't get anything. We've been relatively healthy this winter, and I hope it continues.
  9. Brad is a pretty great guy. Really. He's been great. He's helped with sick kids, done the dishes, cooked supper, and driven the kids to practice, just to name a few things. I'm lucky to have him. I realize and appreciate that even more, knowing that in a month or so, he will be working long construction hours and I will be doing the running, cooking, and bed time all by myself.
  10. Time flies. I have so much more to write, but time flies. The clock tells me it's time to get the little girls ready to go pick up the big kids. So I will stop for hope is that I will get back to this blog before another month passes. But... like I said.. time flies!

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