Saturday, November 8, 2008

Snow Much Fun

A week ago I couldn't get her to even look at these snow, I can't get her to take them off! Lizzy spent much of the morning wearing her pj top, a diaper and her snow boots. She may have looked silly, but she was happy.. and in my book, that's all that matters!

Once she finally got dressed for the day, I took her outside. She didn't really know what to think. She did not want to walk in the snow...she pretty much stuck to the shoveled sidewalk.

The big kids, however, were a different story. They LOVE the snow! They dug a tunnel, started working on a fort and a snowman..and thought the snowbank the plow created on our boulevard was the coolest thing ever. I decided not to teach them how to play King of the Mountain.. I really didn't have time to take them to the emergency room today. I suppose they will play that game for the rest of the winter at school!

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