Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll do it myself!

In case you didn't know, Lizzy is no longer a baby. She is very much a big girl, and reminds us in a not so gentle way every single day.

In recent weeks, she has discovered the joys of dressing herself. She loves to empty her dresser drawers and throw clothes all over the house. I'm pretty sure most of the clothes I wash are not actually dirty, but at some point, I quit caring. It's easier just to wash them all rather than try to remember what she wore that week.

In her quest to do it herself, she has pulled her dresser over on top of herself once. I remember before she was born when Brad put that cheap K-Mart dresser together, and we both laughed at the instructions that recommended anchoring it to the wall. We've never anchored any furniture to the wall, other than the gun cabinet. We're currently looking for the pieces to anchor Lizzy's dresser to the wall!

Last night was a crazy busy night.. Jake had Cub Scouts, Lexi had basketball practice, Brad had Knights of Columbus and basketball. Lizzy and I spent much of the evening driving. When we finally got home, she refused to take a bath. I didn't have the energy to fight with her, so I let her skip. I told her to go find some pajamas and we'd go nigh-nigh. She returned guessed it.. a bikini. Again, lacking the strength to argue about it, I let her wear it. I really didn't expect her to wear it all night. She has worn different swim suits around the house for a few hours, but never all night. But, she once again proved me wrong. Lizzy's new favorite pj's...her itsy-bitsy blue polka-dot bikini!

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