Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Such Nice Neighbors

Our next door neighbors Trent and Heather don't have kids, and after living next door to us for six months, they probably never will. I'm pretty sure my kids, specifically Lizzy, are good birth control (just not for us! Why is that? A topic for another time...) Anyway, these DINKS (double-income no kids) neighbors of ours are super nice and claim they love our kids, even Lizzy. They say they get a "kick" out of her, her outfits, and her antics. This week, they contributed to those antics....and we will get even...someday, somehow.

Heather obviously likes kids, as she is a third grade teacher at one of the schools in town. A couple of days ago she knocked on the door, and by the time I got there, she had already given Lizzy six green pom poms on long wooden sticks. She said they were left over from school and she thought Lizzy would have fun with them. I said I knew Lizzy would have fun with them, and they looked like a great thing to play with in Trent and Heather's yard. She laughed, and walked away.

While it's great to have such sweet neighbors, I have been losing sleep over how to get back at her. These pom poms are the messiest and most annoying toy we've had in a long time. I'm really surprised no one has poked an eye out yet. Every time Lizzy shakes them (which is quite often) about three dozen little green papers fall out of the pom poms. We have green paper everywhere. Brad thought the paper shredder exploded all over the house. Lexi spent a good hour this morning picking up all the green pom pom pieces. But as I look around the living room now, you'd never know it. There is green paper all over...yet the pom poms don't look any worse for the wear. Do they just keep regenerating new paper? It's the strangest thing.

At any rate, these pom poms have become Lizzy's new favorite toy. I managed to capture a few of her games on video this afternoon . They are not only pom poms, but also drumsticks, a violin, and a cross. What I didn't catch on tape was the pom poms being used as a green wig for Morgan.

Yes, our next door neighbors are sweet. We like them a lot. you watch these videos, please help me think of how we can get even!

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Trenton and Heather Hintz said...

Ha ha! We also gave pom poms to our nieces and my sister-in-law had similar complaints! We have a bubble machine too- let me know when you would like us to bring that over!

Trent & Heather