Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baking Up a Storm

It's no wonder I can't seem to lose any weight. My oldest and her friend have become awesome bakers. Seriously. At least five days a week, they're in my kitchen, whipping up some yummy cookies, bars, or desserts I just have to taste. And because they're such good bakers, everything they make is delicious, so I don't eat just one.

It all started a few weeks ago, when we had a rummage sale. The girls thought it would be fun to have a lemonade stand too, and to have cookies to go with the lemonade. They spent every spare moment the week before the rummage sale baking. They made no-bake cookies, rhubarb bars, cute little sunshine cookies, and seven layer bars.

Their bake sale wasn't a big hit with the rummage sale crowd, but those of us sitting outside manning the sale for two days sure enjoyed the goodies. My mom was in town too, so the girls baked some speical treats just for her, and of course, Grandma paid for them. Since then, Grandma has bought three more batches of goodies.
I'm not sure if her love of baking is because of the money (Grandma pays very well for her treats!), or if it's just something fun to do. It would be easy for me to be frustrated and annoyed with Lexi's baking. I've spent a good chunk of change buying ingredients, she never cleans the kitchen to my standards, and she's lost one of my new measuring spoons. But, I've decided to let that stuff go. I remember going through the same phase when I was about her age, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't very good at cleaning up the kitchen either. Besides, baking is good for Lexi. It's taught her to plan ahead, helped her keep her math skills (especially fractions) fresh, and work as a team (Lizzy, Jake and Tess often help with the baking...which requires patience on everyone's part). Plus she's so proud of her creations, I can't possibly be mad about the mess. I have, however, made her start walking and running with me everyday. That's the only way I can justify eating all the delicious goodies she makes!

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Trenton and Heather Hintz said...

Well bring some over to us! I can't cook or bake! Then we can go for a walk afterwards! :P