Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Mother's Strength

I've often wished I would have been warned about motherhood. I had no idea what I was in for.I wish there was a book that told you everything you needed to know about being a mom. Some of the things I would have liked to have known before I had kids include how to survive on two hours of sleep, how to comfort a sick child, how to heal a child's broken heart, and how to not throw up when your child pukes on you.

I've been thinking about this all afternoon because I took Lizyz in for shots today. She needed three shots, which, in the grand scheme of immunizations, is not really a lot. But, for Lizzy any trip to the doctor's office is traumatic. She hates the doctor (I blame her numerous ear infections and countless trips there before age one). Today I tried my best to prepare her for the trip. I explained where we were going and why and even told her we'd get ice cream and go to the park after her shots. She assured me she's three now and no longer afraid of the doctor. But, the second they called us back, she changed her mind. As always, I had to hold her down while the nurses gave her the shots in her legs. She wouldn't even let them put Band-Aids on. I comforted her while she cried. She cried so hard she puked on me. It was all over my arm.

The amazing thing is, I didn't even think about what had happened until an hour later, when I smelled puke, and remembered I still hadn't scrubbed my arm! Thinking back, I was surprisingly calm during the whole ordeal. Lizzy screamed, I held on tighter. Lizzy puked, I wiped it off my arm with a paper towel, then carried her (kicking, screaming and crying), the diaper bag, and Morgan (who was in her heavy carseat) to the van. I bet that was a sight... thank goodness for handicapped doors! Somehow I managed to get them both buckled in and while they were both crying themselves to sleep, I calmy took the long way home so they would fall fast asleep in the van.

Now, both girls are sleeping on my lap, and I am somehow still managing to type. Amazing how as moms we become such great multi-taskers. I am pretty proud of myself for not freaking out during any of this. I'm not just talking about the puke. I'm talking about the whole stressful experience. I'm not sure how I held it all together. Maybe it's just my strength as a mother that helped me through it. I know this is not the worst thing I will go through with my kids, but I hope I'm strong enough to handle every situation just as well.

Back to the book, the instructions for motherhood, maybe someday I'll write that book. Then again, maybe I won't. Some things are best learned first hand. And, if all women knew what I know about being a mom, they might not ever have babies. But of course, my book would also mention the unconditional love, the snuggles, the smiles, and the giggles. Those are the things that make being a mom, and dealing with poop and puke, so worth it.

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