Monday, April 12, 2010

Awesome Imaginations

I did a story last week with award winning author Denise Brennan-Nelson. She's written eleven children's books, and says each one is a product of her imagination. She travels the country talking to kids about the importance of reading, writing, and keeping their imaginations turned on. I left her presentation totally inspired, and ready to write a book. She was truly amazing. Here's a link to the story I did:

Author Encourages Kids to Use Imagination

I haven't written that book yet, but I have realized that my kids always have their imaginations turned on. When Lexi was little, she would turn everything into a toy.. I remember her making hangers talk to each other. One was the mom, another was the daughter. Jake's imagination allows him to create the most awesome lego creations I've ever seen. And Lizzy reminds me a lot of Lexi.. in the van the other day she turned her fingers into people, one was the mom, the other was the daughter. Lizzy is always talking on the phone, usually having imaginary conversations with Emma. Lately, she's been pretending to nurse her baby. And just this week, she's discovered dress-up. Lexi babysat her on Monday and they found a tub of Emma's old dress-up clothes. Lizzy wore the same princess dress from that tub for four days in a row (as soon as I washed it, she lost interest). Lizzy doesn't stop with the dresses though. She also loves to wear my shoes (the higher the heel, the better... she tried on three inch heels at Kohl's the other night.. and could actually walk in them better than I could) I think she likes the high heels because of the noise they make on the floor... she moved the rug from the entry way so she could clomp around on the floor yesterday. Last night, Lizzy's imagination was working overtime. After her bath, she put on mismatched pajamas, Morgan's hat, a backpack, my heels, and turned her doctor kit into a lunch box. She was off to the grocery store, and had packed a lunch just in case she became a hungry, hungry hippo while she was there. I love this kid!

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