Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Purse

I bought a new purse over the weekend. I didn't really need a new purse, or even want one. It wasn't even an impulse buy... I saw it when I got my haircut on Thursday, but it took me until Saturday to decide if it was really worth $31. And it took me until today to finally find time to make the big switch from the old purse to the new. What I learned during the switch is that your purse, and what's in it, can tell a lot about you. Mine screams "I'm a busy mom".

Along with the standard wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, and cell phone I found all kind of other "treasures" in my purse. Wondering what those "treasures" could possibly be? Here's a list:
  • Lizzy's baby doll and bottle that goes everywhere we go
  • Five Girl Scout badges that a good troop leader really would have put on her scout's vest by now
  • A bouncy ball
  • Receipts I need to remember to turn in at the next PTO meeting
  • Coupons a certain two year old likes to collect at the grocery store (coupons for things I never need, mind you)
  • Coupons I had intended to use, but got lost in the bottom of my purse until now, and are now expired
  • A half eaten sucker that Lizzy begged for at Wal-Mart, but quickly discarded once we got out of the check-out line
  • Christmas ideas for the kids
  • Two Avon books, with pages marked of things I thought I should buy....the books are now outdated
  • An old pay stub, with what I can only assume are very important notes written on the envelope. Sure wish I knew what great idea I was scribbling down!
None of these so-called "treasures" went into the new purse. At least not yet. I'm sure by tomorrow afternoon, at least a few will have returned. I'm ok with that. Because right now my purse says "boring".

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