Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feeling Blessed

I've spent most of this week feeling sorry for myself....left behind with three kids while Brad is off on the hunting trip of his dreams. Lizzy's upset tummy and my pregnant aches and pains have made that self pity even greater. But today, I suddenly snapped out of it, and realized how truly blessed I am.

There I was..sitting with Jake and Lizzy at Lexi's basketball game, thinking of all the things I had to get done today. As I was making my mental list, I saw Madonna, Sheena, Jesse, Jorja, Mary, Rachel and Evan all walk into the gym. And that's when it hit me. All these people came to watch Lexi play basketball, and these same people would be glad to help me in a pinch. I am not all alone with three kids for ten days. I have awesome family just minutes away who have saved me time and time again, and would do it again without a second thought.

I realized how selfish I've been. Not everyone is lucky enough to have family in town, or even near enough to help in a bind. I have friends who have actually had to advertise for help, help that I get for free and take completely for granted.

So, to those of you who came to Lexi's game, and those of you who have watched my kids so I could run to the store, or shoveled snow from my driveway, cleaned my house, driven my kids to practice, or just come to my house to hang out, THANK YOU. I don't say it enough, but know that you are truly appreciated.
By the way, Lexi's team won their game....still undefeated! This one was a little close for my comfort...just three points....but it ended on an awesome note...Lexi blocked a shot!

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