Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Nights

We haven't been camping yet this summer, and we probably won't make a trip. The idea of sleeping in a tent, on an air mattress, does not appeal to me this summer. But, we are still enjoying the great outdoors, and all the fun of a campfire.. in our own backyard.

Brad finished our backyard patio a couple of weeks ago... he (with a little help from his buddies and even Lexi and Jake) laid 2,190 bricks to make the patio we've been dreaming about since we moved in. It took a lot of work, time, and money...and Brad did a great job. We have enjoyed the patio, and the new firepit (last year's Father's Day gift) every Friday and Saturday night for the past several weeks. The kids have become quite the campfire chefs...making everything from smores, to carmels, even snakes and grilled cheese sandwiches!
But as yummy as the food is (and it IS yummy!) that's not the best part of our new patio. The best part is the time we've spent together, and with neighbors, friends and family. I love that our neighbors feel welcome to come over whenever they see us outside (or maybe it's when they smell smoke!). We are blessed to have awesome neighbors. We are also so lucky to have so many great relatives in town...we've had some fun, and very late nights with Paul, Sandy, Madonna, Ed, Mary and Mat around the campfire. And last weekend, we even talked the Christensen family into coming over for a fire. As you can see, the two year olds had a good time!
There's just something about the smell of a campfire and the mosquito spray that brings a smile to my face. The kids love it too....they've had fun studying our campfire cookbook for new ideas of what to make for late night snacks, and they love to invite their friends over for the fun. And I love that a fire can give my workaholic husband a reason to sit around and do nothing for a few hours. There's a Rascal Flatts song I think of everytime we gather around the fire..."Summer Nights"...here's the two lines that are especially appropriate:
"Summer nights, everybody are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise"
My piece of paradise is my backyard patio. No, it isn't the same as packing up the van and heading to the lake for the weekend, but for this summer, it will have to be enough. And who knows, we may just pitch a tent in the backyard before the summer is over!

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