Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Together

Lizzy is not cut out to be an only child. We learned that over the weekend, when Lexi and Jake both left her. What we also learned, is Lexi and Jake actually kind of like having each other around too, although neither will ever admit it.

Lexi caught a ride to Mott with Lisa and her family on Thursday night. Lizzy didn't really notice at the time...she hadn't napped and was just way too busy playing outside to realize what was happening. Later that night she spent a few minutes looking for "za-za" (that's what she calls Lexi.. Lexi hates it!). She quickly got over not being able to find za-za, because Jake was still around. In fact, she picked Jake to lay down with her at bedtime. Jake was thrilled, and even said something about how it's nice when Lexi is gone, because then Lizzy likes him.

Saturday, Jake caught a ride to Bison with Grandma Shea. Again, Lizzy was busy when he left, and didn't really comprehend what was happening. But she spent most of Sunday morning looking for "Jakey". We had to call him that night, because she was missing him so much. That made Jake homesick, so I vowed not to call anymore. He's hoping to last the whole week there.

Lexi finally came home yesterday morning, and Madonna and Mary took both girls to the Minot Zoo for a few hours. When I picked them up after work, they were already fighting...I'm told they were happy to see each other for the first 20 minutes or so. But at bedtime, it hit me just how much Lizzy's world had been turned upside down these past few days. She couldn't decide if she wanted to lay down with me or with "za-za"...she really was torn. And even though "za-za" pretended to be annoyed, deep down I think she really liked all the attention.

Maybe she's just enjoying these last few months as the baby of the family. I wonder how she'll react when she has to share "za-za" and "Jakey" with a baby brother or sister? What I do know for sure, is I'm glad I had more than one kid. Someone once told me, you'll never look back on your life and wish you would have had fewer kids. After a few days of having just one, I totally agree. The kids depend on each other, and they are lucky to have each other. And having them all home makes my job a lot easier...they do a great job of entertaining each other, even if it means a fight every once in awhile. I have to admit, I kind of miss the sound of fighting children!

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