Monday, July 20, 2009

A Quiet Afternoon

I love the quiet. I love to wake up before everyone else on Sunday mornings and just bask in the quietness. Maybe I love it so much because with three kids, two dogs and a husband, quiet doesn't happen often in my house. And when it does, it often means trouble is brewing.

Take this afternoon, for example. Brad was at work, Lexi was at Chrissy's, Jake and I were working on the computer and Lizzy, I thought, was playing babies in her room. I was wrong. She came out to the living room talking about her eyes. Neither Jake nor I saw anything unusual, so we ignored her. She disappered again and when she reappeared the next time, it was very obvious something was wrong with her eyes. She had stolen my makeup bag, which I quickly found behind the chair in my bedroom (Lizzy's favorite spot to get into trouble...I just scrubbed pink lip gloss from the carpet behind that chair yesterday). In this secret hiding place, she had very quietly managed to open my mascara, and put it almost on her eyelashes. It actually looked more like a football player's makeup, but she thought she was beautiful. After showing Jake and me, she stood in front of the mirror for a long time. Then she let me wash it off, thank goodness. I, of course, snapped a couple of pictures....which I will one day quietly show her boyfriends.

Yes, the quiet is beautiful. Right now I am enjoying the sound of the dishwasher and my fingers hitting the keyboard. That's it. There is no other noise in my house right now. I will enjoy it for this moment, because soon the house will be filled with noise again. And I have to admit, I kind of like the noise means those I love the most are nearby.

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