Monday, April 27, 2009

Jake's First Communion

It's not very often you'll see Jake dressed in a shirt and tie. He's been in three weddings and, until yesterday, I'm pretty sure those were the only three times in his eight years he's ever worn a tie. But yesterday was a pretty important day. It was Jake's First Holy Communion. And he was VERY excited and nervous about the whole thing.

Jake was up early and dressed, asking for help tying his tie (I thought he learned that in Cub Scouts... I guess you really do forget things if you don't use them everyday!). He was unusually quiet all morning, but found time for a donut before meeting his classmates (there is always donuts and coffee after the 9:00 mass, we go to the 11:00, but whenever we are early, Jake makes sure to get a donut...the KC in charge now actually makes sure to save one for Jake, just in case!)

We had reserved seats, just a few rows from the front. Jake and his classmates walked in with Father, then sat with us. During the homily, Father Gene had them all sit on the steps with him. It was a great message...I'm not sure about Jake, but I sure enjoyed it! He talkeda bout how now every Sunday is a big deal for these kids, because they can take communion like their parents.

After mass, we had a few people over for pizza and cake. Jake didn't realize he would get presents for making his first communion. He read all the cards

out loud, and made sure everyone heard every word. He especially liked the cards that had money inside! He was busy counting his "Lincolns, Georges, and Hamiltons". I'm sure it's not what you all intended, but we had to go spend those "Lincolns, Georges and Hamilton's" last night.... he bought a Star Wars Light Saber and a Star Wars lego set. I'm sure God would approve!

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