Monday, April 13, 2009

Casting Call

I never expected Lexi to be the first. Nope, when I thought about broken bones, Jake was the first kid to come to mind. So imagine my surprise upon hearing her wrist was broken!

What's even the story behind this break. Lexi finished a six month long basketball season last Sunday. She made it through that entire season without a single injury..not even a skinned knee. But on Thursday, she tripped in the parking lot after school, and caught herself with her wrist. She called me at work to tell me what happened, but assured me she could move her hand and fingers, leading me to believe it wasn't broken. I instructed her to ice it and promised to look at it when I got home. She ended up running errands with me that night, and carried groceries into the house. If I remember correctly, I snapped at her for only carrying one bag at a time. I feel a little guilty about that now.

Friday morning I asked her how it felt, she assured me it still hurt, but it felt a lot better. I told her to keep icing it and left for work. Because it was Good Friday, Brad and the kids were home all day. I had only been gone for about an hour when Brad called me at work....with bad news. Lexi could no longer move her wrist or fingers. I made an appointment with our family doctor (who didn't really have any openings, but told me to send them over anyway...that's why we go to the same doctor for everything!). After several x-rays Dr. Smith confirmed her wrist was indeed broken. He splinted it, instructed her to ice it and take it easy over the weekend, and come back Monday for a cast.

The biggest decision of the whole ordeal: what color of cast to choose? Pink, blue, red or purple. Lexi finally opted for pink, thinking that the autographs would show up best on that color. She was right. I had dibs on the first autograph...good thing, because the cast is quickly filling up. The neighbor kids, Dad, Jake, even Grandma and Grandpa Kerzman have already signed it.

Lexi will wear the cast until May 18th. She will get it off just in time for her first basketball camp of the summer. Cross your fingers she makes it through that without any more broken bones!

In the meantime, I'm learning lots of interesting facts about casts and broken bones. For example: Lexi's cast is made of fiberglass, with three layers of padding underneath to protect her skin, bathing and showering are going to be a huge pain for the next month, and you're not actually supposed to stick a coat hanger in your cast to itch your skin.

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