Monday, April 20, 2009

Too Much Cake!

If you've got a sweet tooth, this is the time of year to stop by our house. Chances are, we've got some cake and would be glad to share. You see, this is a very busy birthday time of year for us...all three kids' birthdays fall within three weeks.

Lizzy is first... April 15th. She turned terrible two this year. We celebrated her big day in grand style. I stayed up way too late the night before, getting everything just right. There were Elmo and Abby Cadabby balloons, an Elmo table cloth, plates and napkins. I wrapped all her presents in Elmo paper, and put the finishing touches on her cake that we made together the day before. In keeping with tradition, we all got up early and celebrated before Brad left for work at 6:45. We had cake for breakfast (a delicious strawberry was yummy! Lizzy made sure everyone knew it was "mine cake"). It was so fun seeing her enjoy her big day..she loved every present so much, even the one-dollar coloring books were a hit!

There were cupcakes with her friends at daycare later that day, and then before bed, another party with Paul and Grandpa Kerzman. She graciously shared "mine cake" and opened another present...a new wagon from Grandma and Grandpa Shea. You'll have to ask Brad, Paul and Grandpa how easy it was to put together. On second thought, ask Jake..he will tell you the real story!

Then, on Sunday there was more cake. This time for Lexi's birthday. My sweet little baby girl is now TEN YEARS OLD! She and I celebrated her birthday on Saturday night with a girl's night out. We went to supper with some of my friends, then to the Sugarland concert. Her cousin Chrissy came home from Alexandria to surprise Lexi and go to the concert with us. It was so fun! The concert was great (I love Sugarland!) Lexi knew all the words to all the songs and wasn't afraid to sing out! I'm not much of a concert-goer (the last one I went to was Garth Brooks in 1997) but this was a great concert..maybe even better than Garth! If you ever have the chance to see Sugarland in concert, won't be disappointed! Of course, this girl's night out cost me a fortune. There were the tickets, supper, and a $30 t-shirt at the concert. But it's ok, you only turn ten once, right? After the concert we went to Perkins for dessert and to visit with Chrissy. Madonna and Sheena met us there and we didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning!

There were no presents to open on her birthday (Sunday) but she was ok with that. We didn't eat cake for breakfast.. partly because I didn't have it frosted when we got home and partly because my ten year old wanted to sleep in rather than get up early for cake! So we celebrated her birthday with cake (a basketball cake...that's my girl!) at supper. Lexi's very best friend Tess came over, which made the day a little more special.

Now we are just about done with this cake, and I believe there are two cupcakes left over from what Lexi took to school. But our days of eating cake are not over yet. Brad just ordered a cake tonight for Jake's First Communion, which is Sunday. God bless my husband for ordering a cake.. I'm not sure I can make another one yet! And then.. on May 6th...we'll have more cake...when Jake turns eight. In our house... you *can* have your cake and eat it too!

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