Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My mind is going a thousand different directions.

My thoughts are completely random, but yet still valid.

At least I think so.

I wonder if anyone will agree with me after reading them?

I wonder if I should really write down all my random thoughts....

Ah, what the hell.....

  • Laundromats are scary. Ok, I don't even know how to spell that word. I should look it up. Maybe later. I love the idea of a laundromat - you can get your laundry done really, really fast with all those machines. But it's still a scary place. Lizzy and I went to one tonight to dry three loads of laundry after my dryer died. It's been years since I did laundry at a laundromat. I'd forgotten how run-down most of them are. All of the ones I've been too have been icky. I'm thinking I should open a laundromat. Maybe a whole chain of them. I'd have new, modern, clean washing machines and dryers. I'd have nice furniture to relax in while you clothes are washing. Maybe I'd even have a coffee shop inside the laundromat. It would be classy. Trust me. You'd want to hang out there, even if you had a kick-ass washer and dryer at your house.
  • I don't like Thursdays anymore. For the past two Thursdays, someone in my family has been sick. Two weeks ago, it was the little girls...they had high fevers and coughs. Last week it was Lexi - she missed school with a temp of 102 and a terrible hacking cough. Now it looks like Jake will be home tomorrow, Thursday. He's got a fever and has been in bed since he got home from school. I don't like Thursdays.
  • Hawaii. One week from tomorrow, Thursday, Brad and I will be on our way to paradise. I can't wait. Nine days in Hawaii. No kids, sun, and adult beverages. I hope that next week will be the Thursday that changes the way I feel about Thursdays.
  • Sinus headaches suck. While everyone else has been battling fevers, I've been hacking up a lung for about a week now (sounds like I smoke a pack or more a day. It's cool). And after suffering from a headache in my eyeball all day yesterday, today it moved to my cheekbone. That's when I realized it's my sinuses. It hurts. I should probably get some drugs before I go on vacation.
  • Overnight diapers were a brilliant invention. I'd forgotten what a difference those diapers make. I actually like getting Morgan out of her crib in the morning now, because I don't have to change my clothes after I snuggle her.
  • Victoria's Secret bras are the best. Hands down. I finally splurged over the weekend and invested in some new bras. I figured since I haven't nursed Morgan since November, it was probably time to stop wearing nursing bras. I bought some cheap ones at another store a few weeks ago, but they were terrible. So I dropped $166 on new bras. It was the best $166 I've spent in a long time.
  • Rumors are lies. It amazes me how quickly rumors can get started, and how some people thrive on gossip. It's sad, actually. I had an experience today that served as a good reminder not to get caught up in rumors. All they do is hurt people.
  • Coffee is good. I fell off the wagon today. It had been almost three weeks since my last cup of coffee. Today I had a chance to have coffee with a good friend. I couldn't say no. It was a good decision. The coffee was delicious, the conversation was great. The key, is moderation.
  • I need to cut back on my Diet Coke consumption. I've gotten better, but I need to cut back even more. But I just love the fizzy yumminess. I know, I know, it's not good for me. I'm working on it. Again, everything in moderation.
  • I need to make some major lists. We leave in one week! I need to make a list of what to pack. I need to google the airline rules (its been a loooong time since we've flown. I don't want to be the one who gets searched because I have gunpowder residue on my blow dryer. Yes that actually happened to me once.) I need to make a list for the awesome aunts that are watching the kids while we're gone.
  • I love my new phone. Finally upgraded from my piece of junk phone that has had nail polish remover, coffee and water all spilled on it (and it still worked, thank you very much) to a Droid. I have no idea what all this phone can do, but the fact that I could be on facebook while in the car wash the other day was pretty cool if you ask me.
  • Hawaii. One. More. Week.
I have more random thoughts. Believe me. But I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear them. Or maybe you do. If you're reading this, you probably ready my other random thoughts. Which leads me to one final random thought:
  • Thanks for reading. Really. Thanks. I write because it helps me relax. It's also good therapy. So thanks for listening.

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