Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It all started as a one word status update on Facebook.


It was the one word I could think of to explain my day. I was frustrated, amazed, tired, and upset all at once. I knew if I posted that one word, people would wonder what was up. I hate those vague status updates, the ones where people post something and you know they're looking for attention and sympathy. I almost didn't post it, for that reason. I wasn't sure I was ready to explain my unbelieveable day. And I certainly didn't want any sympathy.

Still, I posted it. Just one word.


And the response was, well, unbelievable.

There were question marks, my cousin wondering what was up. There were funny comments about the Vikings. I then felt the need to explain myself, which I did. But there are so many other unbelievable things that are going through my head. Unbelievable and random things that have me scratching my head, and have me once again feeling the need to share. So, here is the continuation of my one word status update:

Unbelievable how incompetent and lazy some people are.
Unbelieveable how tired I am.
Unbelievable how my son thinks being a Lions fan might be a good idea, because his team is playing unbelieveably bad.
Unbelieveable that my baby will be one next week.
Unbelievable how much better I feel after a visit to the chiorpractor.
Unbelievable that until April, I'd never been to a chiorpractor in my life.
Unbelievable how much my Lexi likes basketball. I had a great time with her shooting baskets at the Y.
Unbelievable how good it feels to work out.
Unbelievable that the tv remote is STILL missing. It's going on two weeks. I've quit watching tv. That is unbelievably lazy.
Unbelievable how much Jake and I clash. It makes me unbelievably sad when we fight, and makes me feel like an unbelievably bad mom.
Unbelievable how when running late, I manage to hit every single red light.
Unbelievable how hungry I am.
Unbelievable how easy it is to hurt someone's feelings.
Unbelievable how tough it can be to forgive, once your feelings have been hurt.
Unbelievable that I've done a full day's work in less than three hours.
Unbelievable that we are completely out of dishwasher soap. You can believe I will be stopping at the store before heading home. No way am I washing dishes by hand.
Unbelievable how, despite all the crappy stuff that happens to me, and the negative thoughts I've been having, how truly blessed I am. I have an unbelievable husband and unbelievable kids....and really, in the end, those are the things that are really important in life.
Unbelievable how writing this has me feeling better already.

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