Sunday, August 29, 2010


People tell me all the time I should write a book full of "Lizzy-isms". If I had a dollar for everytime I've been told that, I'd be a millionaire. But, that hasn't happened, and I haven't written that Lizzy book. Yet. I have started scribbling down "Lizzy-isms", and just ran across a scrap of paper full of them in my purse. Here are the best "Lizzy-isms" of the past few weeks:
  • Lizzy, Morgan and I went to a wedding. We were sitting in the pew, waiting for the ceremony to begin when a lady we didn't know sat down beside us. I smiled at her, Lizzy started talking to her. Her opening line... "Hi. I look beautiful." No self esteem issues here.
  • On the way home from that wedding, I pulled over on the side of the road to calm a screaming Morgan. While I was getting her settled down, Lizzy got out of the van to "stretch". The next thing I heard was Lizzy yelling "That looks like a snake!". I freaked out a little, then realized "that" was not a snake at all.. Lizzy had pulled down her pants, and pooped.
  • Lizzy has had weddings on the brain lately. And motorcycles. She told me "When my grow up and my get married ten times. But only five of those husbands can ride on my sparkly motorcycle though".
  • Last week Sheena and I took the kids to Minnesota for a quick vacation before school started. We stopped at Target to buy some really important video games for Jake. Sheena and I decided to get Starbucks while we were there. Lizzy offered to hold Sheena's bag while she got her coffee. Sheena thanked her. Lizzy replied, "You're welcome. Maybe you pay me five dollars?". Sheena laughed, and said no. Lizzy responded, "Maybe three dollars?".
  • I have to remind Lizzy to wash her hands everytime she goes to the bathroom. Apparently she's listenng. She told me "My found an easy way to not be sick. Just wash your hands with soap for five minute. I saw that on tv." Ok, so maybe it's not me. Anyway, she's learning to wash her hands. I consider that a success.
  • Lizzy is having tough time sharing. I told her to share with Jorja, and she replied "I am sharing. All by myself."
  • I have no privacy. Seriously, I haven't peed in peace for years. And there's usually an audience when I'm getting dressed too. I need to get the lock on my bedroom door fixed. Lizzy walked in on me getting dressed the other day and commented "My like your fat boobies, Mom". Gotta get that lock fixed.
  • A few Saturdays ago it was just Brad, the little girls and me home so we went out for supper. Clam diggers were on special, so Brad and I each ordered one. Lizzy wanted a drink, but of course we told her no and explained there was booze in there and she has to wait until she's 21 to have booze. The next day, she was telling people how much her mom loves booze. Nice.
There are so many more Lizzy-isms. I could write all night. Instead, I think I will put the computer away, and go snuggle with my Lizzy. Because those snuggles are the best thing ever.... coming in a close second, the always entertaining Lizzy-isms!

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