Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cold, but Creative

It was so cold last week, it's taken me until now to thaw from the 30 below zero highs we had. I tried really hard not to take the little girls out in this ugly weather, especially Morgan. But while staying inside is best for the baby, it's kind of tough on Mom and big sister. But Lizzy and I managed to enjoy the sub-zero days anyway. In fact, we got super creative and kept super busy.

We started cleaning out my dresser, one drawer at a time. Actually, we only got one drawer done all week, but it's very organized. Only five more to go. When we're done with that super-fun project, we are going to clean the kitchen cupboards. Ok, I know it sounds lame, but to a two year old, it's so fun. The fun hinges on how it's presented... there are many tactics.... I prefer the "I lost a purple sock. It's gotta be here somewhere. I'll never find it without your help". Works every time, and keeps a busy two year old, well, busy, for a few minutes every day. For the record, we still haven't found that purple sock. Good thing we have five more drawers to search!

When we weren't searching for that purple sock, we found time to make homemade playdough that actually tastes good (as opposed to the salty stuff my mom used to make when I was a matter how many times she told us not to eat it, we still tried it everytime...and it was disgusting everytime!). The playdough Lizzy and I made had chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar...what's not to like? Problem is.....the snakes Lizzy rolled out of playdough did not look like snakes, but rather like something completely gross. We still have the playdough, and maybe we'll play a prank on the boys with those "snakes"!

And, when we were done cleaning and baking, we even found time to "swim". Lizzy loves her bikinis and she doesn't care if it's 30 degrees below zero..when she feels like wearing the bikini, she wears it. The mood struck a few times last week, so we took it one step further and put a big blanket down in the middle of the living room floor. That was our swimming pool. She swam laps, worked on her tan, splashed baby Morgan and had a great time. Of course she had to show her big brother and sister what she got to do while they were at school. They laughed, and Lexi said "wow Mom, you guys are really creative." 

Yes, I guess we are. But most of the credit goes to Lizzy. I hope she never loses her imagination and creativity. Those are the things that make kids so great. It is warmer this week, but we are still hanging out inside (still too cold for baby Morgan). Lizzy is staying busy. We made a project this morning and now the coffee table is a stage. She is pretending to be "Hannah 'tana" and putting on quite the concert. Earlier she was playing babies. Her doll was supposed to be sleeping but apparently was not cooperating with Mama Lizzy. I heard her telling her doll (named "Just Baby") "you are supposed to be sleeping, Just Baby. You like sleeping."

Soon it will be naptime and I will get two hours to myself. I will fold laundry, unload the dishwasher and maybe sweep the kitchen floor. They are chores that need to be done, but I'd much rather skip naptime today and hang out with my super creative two year old!

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