Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowed In

It's been a very long time since we've been snowed in anywhere. After two days of being snowed in at my parent's farm, I'm hoping it is a very long time before Mother Nature does this to us again.

We rushed to get to Mott on Wednesday, hoping to beat the storm. We again got in front of the storm on Christmas Eve and made it to Bison before the storm hit. The roads were not great, but if we would have waited, we would have been snowed in with the Kerzmans instead of the Sheas. We are praying the wind goes down and it stops snowing tomorrow so we can get back to Bismarck.
In the meantime, we've found ways to stay busy. It's been kind of fun, but also a little hard not being at home and not having cousins to play with, but we've gotten creative, and kept Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John entertained. So, next time you are snowed in in the middle of nowhere (Bison, South Dakota is truly the middle of nowhere...check the map if you don't believe me. And we're not even in town. We're on the farm) here are some suggestions to help pass the time:
  • Gamble. After UNO got boring, Brad taught the kids to play blackjack. Even Lizzy, although she took the term "hit me" a bit too literally, and decked Grandpa! The kids weren't willing to wager their Christmas money, so they played for M&M's. Jake is headed to Vegas..he won the, it's warm in Vegas!
  • Hunt. Brad's original plan was to go deer hunting with my dad today. The ten foot snowdrifts changed their plans, but Brad is a dedicated hunter. While rocking Morgan, he spotted a deer outside the sliding door. He quickly got bundled up, grabbed his rifle, and headed outside. We watched from the warm house. He got that deer, and when Dad went outside, they got three more. And they still have tags to fill.
  • Shovel. Really, it's the neverending job. Jake has shoveled a path from the front door to the van three times today, but you'd never know it.
  • Nap. I know, sounds boring, but I've had two fabulous naps in as many days.
  • Eat. I may have to join the hunting party tomorrow to burn off all the junk I've eaten while snowed in. Of course, it doesn't help that it's Christmas, and there are cookies, fudge and candy calling my name.
  • Catch up on long overdue thank you notes. I have good intentions. I brought the cards and the gift list...but I've only managed to write about four thank you notes. Morgan is six and a half weeks old. My goal is to finish before all the snow melts. I figure I've got until at least June.
  • Drink. Hey, Grandma and Grandpa are ready to babysit....I don't see anything wrong with having a little Baileys in my morning coffee!
  • Drink more. Seriously, I may have to have another drink after what my two year old just did. Lizzy gave herself a haricut. I should have was much too quiet. Everyone thought someone else was watching her....when really, no one was watching her. As you can see, her bangs are almost gone, and the sides are pretty short too...she's kind of got a mullet going on. I'm so sad, because this means she needs a real haircut, and her beautiful curls in the back will be gone for good. She is my first kid to cut her own hair. Lexi and Jake never would have dreamed of doing such a thing (Jake was scared of haircuts for years, and Lexi has always just loved being pretty). She claims she did it because she wanted to look like Abby Cadabby. She does not look like Abby Cadabby. Someday I will laugh about this, but not today.

There are other things I should have done during this adventure. I have two books along that I've been dying to read, but I just can't seem to focus. Instead, I've watched a lot of tv (Grandpa has an awesome 52 inch tv!), taken a lot of pictures, and really not done anything productive. But I'm ok with that. Chances are it will be years before we're snowed in again, and just as many years before I have a good excuse to do nothing! Maybe being snowed in isn't so bad afterall...but next time, I will be sure to hide all the scissors!

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