Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Christmas EVER

We celebrated Christmas early this year. We figured since we're heading to the farms for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Brad is busy tomorrow night, we'd let the kids open their presents tonight. They barely made it through supper, they were so excited. Their excitement didn't die down until they finally fell asleep.

You should know we didn't spend a lot of money on anyone this year... with me on maternity leave and not getting a full paycheck, and the expenses of a new baby, there just wasn't a lot of extra money for extravagant gifts. I would have loved to buy the family a new flat screen tv and a Wii, but instead they got much smaller gifts. Turns out it doesn't really matter how much you spend on family was thrilled with the gifts they got, because they were things they all really wanted. Lexi got the fuzzy boots she's been asking for since July (I bought them on sale in September) and new tanks, Jake got the entire Harry Potter series and Madden 2010 for his PS2 (he's been playing Madden '04...pretty outdated!), Lizzy got new jammies (Dora, of course!), and Brad got new jeans for church and new sweatshirts for work (I'm praying he doesn't wear his new jeans to work!). And Morgan is just too little to care..but I'm sure she will be thrilled with her princess bath towel once she gets to use it. I also made all four kids banks for their savings... they were thrilled beyond words with the two-dollars in change I put in the banks.

There will be more gifts, but hopefully nothing extravagant. My kids and my husband proved tonight that they don't need expensive things to be happy. Lexi can't wait to wear her new boots to school tomorrow. Jake challenged Brad to a game of football on the PS2 (Brad won in OT). Lizzy tried on all three pairs of her new jammmies and probably won't wear anything but jammies again for a very long time. Brad is excited to go bridge inspecting tomorrow because he now has a warm hooded sweatshirt to wear. All night, the kids kept thanking us and telling us how this is the best Christmas ever. I have to agree.

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