Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Family Secrets

Again, another actual email from Jake's teacher.. trust me, I can't make this stuff up!

Dear Jody and Brad,
Your son is so funny - he cracks me up. He told yesterday that "at hisdad's job, at the highway dept., some days he just leans on a shovel anddrinks Mountain Dew and spits!!!!" I laughed. I love it. I told Jake thatI want his dad's job! You two have the neatest children.
Brad, look out - I'm after your job!!
There are no family secrets at your house!
Have a great day,


I warned her that today will likely be another interesting day...he is goofy already! As for the bit about Brad's job, I feel that needs an explanation. When we built the garage last fall, Jake wanted to help but Brad didn't want him to help, for fear he would get hurt. Brad's buddies told Jake he could be the "inspector", like his dad. They also told him the job of inspector means you stand around, lean on a shovel, drink pop and spit a lot. Jake took it to heart!

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