Monday, February 9, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lexi has fallen in love with the game of basketball. At first I thought it was just a sneaky way to get me on her side. I was wrong. She truly loves playing the game. She played parks and rec ball this fall, and is now on a traveling team. They only practice once a week, and play tournaments every couple of weeks. That is just not enough for Lexi! She would like to practice every day, and play games every weekend.

Her team isn't great, but they are good. They have potential to be great, and it's important to remember, they are only fourth graders. This past weekend they played in a tourament on Saturday and Sunday. The first game on Saturday was at the same time as Lexi's choir performance. The choir performance was not mandatory, so we left it up to her to decide which one to attend. She picked basketball, without even hesitating. We decided she's old enough to make her own choices, and to face the consequences, so we let her skip choir and play ball.

She made six points in that game, half of her teams total 12 points, and her personal best. She also played great defense and hit the boards hard. I was so proud of her, even though they lost the game. They won their second game that day and played the tougest team in their league on Sunday morning. They lost that game by 20 points, but Lexi played great. She had four points, several rebounds and even a few blocked shots. What's most amazing, is that I was rolling on both of her baskets! The one I posted here is my favorite...Brad laughed out loud when he watched the video...because it reminded him of me! Brad kept the shot clock for my college games and to this day the game he remembers the best is the one where I played completely out of my mind. Everything I threw up, went in. I could not miss! That's exactly how Lexi played yesterday.. it was so fun to watch!

For more video of the games, including Lexi's other basket and freethrow, and Jake's "travel dance", check out my facebook page!

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