Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Screen Time

We are really making an effort to spend less time in front of screens: televisions, computers, iPods, video games, cell phones.

Like most kids (and adults), we spend much too much time in front of our screens.

It's so easy to do... and so easy to waste an hour or more.

But there are so many other things, better things, we could be doing instead of vegging out on the couch, watching a re-run of some Disney channel show.

Today, I told the kids they each get a half an hour in front of the screen of their choice.

Lexi chose a half hour of tv.

Jake chose a half hour of x-box.

Lizzy and Morgan chose a half hour of Veggie Tales.

And that made me smile.

When Lexi was Morgan's age, she was obsessed with Veggie Tales.

She watched them every chance she got.

We got our first dog during this phase. His name is Bob... after Bob the Tomato.

I'm just glad she didn't make us name Jake Larry.

Lexi was in the hospital for about a week during her Veggie Tale obsession.

With nothing else to do, she watched Veggie Tales all day and all night (on VHS... it was 2001..we weren't that high tech yet!) We still have those VHS tapes.

But today, the girls found "King George and the Ducky"on Netflix.

I actually used my half hour watching it with them (while working on the computer too..two screens...bad!)

Jake and Lexi got sucked in too, and the five of us watched most of the show together.

I'm happy to say I remember all the words to the Veggie Tales theme song, and most of the words to the Silly Song with Larry.

Some things you just don't forget.

But the best part, was watching tv and laughing with the kids, rather than all of us just "zoning" out and staring at the screen.

And guess what?

They all survived just fine with only 30 minutes of screen time.

In fact, the little girls and I played a game of Memory and read two books...and they were still sleeping by 8:15.

By the way, I really do love Veggie Tales.. I've been singing "More Wronger" all evening!

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