Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quality Family Time

I'm kind of a nerd about eating supper together as a family.

It's how I was raised, and while I hated it at the time, now as a mom myself, I see the value. So we make it a point to eat together as much as possible. It's difficult in the summer, because of Brad's work schedule and it's proving to be even tougher now that the big kids are busy with football and volleyball practice.

Still, I cook and when the majority of the family is home, we eat together. The rest eat as they get home, and usually we all end up at the kitchen table again while they eat.

It' just a great time to catch up with each other - it's when I find out what was for lunch at school, what happened in science class, and what the kids have for homework.

And at times, like tonight, it gets a little silly.

Check out the videos from tonight's "quality family time" around the supper table:

Still, as crude, disgusting, goofy and just plain weird as things can get I wouldn't trade this time together for anything.

Except for maybe a cleaning lady.

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