Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dorothy Moses Kids

Lexi was so sad about leaving Dorothy Moses elementary.

It is the only school she's ever attended.

Middle school is exciting, but scary at the same time. Her friends, and her life, have revolved around Dorothy Moses for the past seven years. She had a little melt down the night before the last day of school (it probably didn't help that I was working 14 hour days and the flood had everyone totally stressed out).

Lexi leaves Moses with memories she will treasure forever. And as she reminded me, she'll be back... in fact, she'll be attending events at Moses until she's in college (Lexi will be a junior in high school when Morgan starts kindergarten!)

One of the most treasured memories, is this video. Lexi, Tess and Taylor wrote the lyrics at a sleepover last fall. Their plan was to perform it for the sixth grade talent show, but they chickened out. So we came up with the video idea. Thanks to Dwayne Walker, the sixth grade teachers, and all the sixth grade students who stayed late to be in the video.. it turned out great and will be an awesome reminder of how much fun they had in sixth grade.

It will also be an awesome video to show at their graduations and weddings :)

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