Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

As much as I love making a big deal out of other people's special days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) I really don't enjoy being the center of attention myself. So when days like Mother's Day roll around, I'm perfectly happy to ignore it and have just a regular day.

That's sort of what I did today.

We went to church, then out for lunch, which is a normal Sunday for us (now that basketball season is finally over). Today we waited a really, really long time for our food. We were all getting a bit ancy, but Morgan just gave up. I couldn't resist getting some video of her falling asleep in her high chair, in the middle of a very loud restaurant!

Once we finally got our food, Morgan got a good nap, and we got home, Brad gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever - he took Jake, Lizzy and Morgan over to Sheena and Jesse's to do yard work. Lexi stayed home to do homework. I got to work cleaning and redecorating the little girls' room.

I know this sounds terrible, but having a few hours to myself really was the best gift my husband and kids could give me.

Moms, you know what I mean.

It's not that I don't love my family, it's just that once in awhile, I really, really, really need a break from them.

I've been working on redecorating the little girls' room for weeks. I also wanted to go through their dressers and toys, and get the room somewhat organized. There's no way I can do those things when they're around.

Finally having time to do that project was totally gratifying. Their room looks great. And those few hours of cleaning helped me regroup, and recharge.

Good thing, because later, the big kids begged me to take them to Target to spend the rest of their birthday money. I usually hate shopping with my kids, but this shopping trip was actually really fun. Lexi and Jake were hyper and funny and sweet and I loved every minute with them.

When we got home, I rocked both little girls to sleep and had another hour to myself to finish up some projects.

So while it wasn't the most glamorous Mother's Day ever, it was exactly what this mom needed.

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