Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's been years since I had any first day of work jitters.

Almost 14 years, to be exact.

But tonight, my stomach is in a knot. My mind is racing.

     "Did I make the right decision?"

     "Will I like this new job?"

     "Will I be any good at this new job?"

It's weird. I've been ready for this day for more than a month, yet it feels like it came out of nowhere. So many times today I caught myself thinking about what story I was going to do tomorrow. I even panicked for a moment when I realized I didn't have anything lined up. And I even thought about making some banana bread to take to work tomorrow.

Then I realized work is now a completely different place, doing a completely different job, working with completely different people.

That's when I freaked out a little.

Just a little.

I'm good now and ready, excited actually, to begin this new adventure. Change is good. It's sometimes easier to stay in a "comfortable" routine, rather than make a change that might actually be just what you've been looking for.

So, to those first day jitters, I say "get lost".

And to this new chapter in my life, this new adventure, these new challenges, I say: "Bring it on."

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