Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Brother Jake

Jake acts like he doesn't like his sisters, but the truth is, he loves them. He especially loves Lizzy.

Yes, they clash a lot. Everyday, actually. Multiple times. I get so tired of refereeing their arguments. But I know they fight, because they love each other, and because they are so much a like.

Tonight, Jake finally admitted how much he loves Lizzy. He just discovered my Lizzy-isms Blog. Now I can't get him to stop reading it. He is sitting at the computer, laughing hysterically. A few times, he's been laughing so hard, he fell off his chair. At one point he said to me " Thanks for showing me this Mom. It's so funny." He's even become an official "follower" and told me if he's ever sad, he's going to go read some Lizzy-isms. That, he says, is the best way to make anyone smile.

So think what you will. Poor Jake. The only boy with three sisters. But I know the truth. Jake loves his sisters. And Jake wouldn't know what to do without his sisters, especially without Lizzy...because without Lizzy, Jake says "there would be no sunshine, and also no Lizzy-isms."

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