Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lizzy's Treasure Hunt

Lizzy is on a treasure hunt. She's taken all the cushions off the living room couches, searching for "treasures". What she's found makes me smile and cringe all at the same time. Her "treasures" are clues to our family's busy life and interests, and signs that I really should clean more often. Here's what she's found so far:
  • half of a Barbie pizza
  • a pair of earrings
  • a necklace
  • a bag of tootsie rolls
  • a baby bottle (a clean one.... I think I would have smelled it otherwise!)
  • a tag ripped off a new shirt
  • a pop cap
  • a lego
  • a cell phone (a toy one... again, I think I would have noticed if a real one was missing!)
  • a Barbie necklace
I have made her return the cushions and stop searching. I'm truly scared to think what else she may find!

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