Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today I'm Thankful For...

A few of my Facebook friends have started posting what they're thankful each day from now until Thanksgiving. I think it's a fabulous idea, but I haven't done it...because I'm having a hard time narrowing my list to just one a day. On my list from the past couple of days....epidurals, good doctors, patient nurses, wireless internet, Motrin and cell phones. I'm also thankful my 9 pound 8 ounce bundle of joy came three days early... our family doctor said if she would have waited until her due date (today) she would have easily been over ten pounds. But today, my list is a little deeper...

Today I am thankful for:

Four healthy kids. I've always taken my kids' health for granted. Until this latest pregnancy, I really never even worried about it. Yes, we've had our fair share of problems (broken arms, ear infections, bladder infections) but they have all been fixable things. When Morgan's heartbeat was irregular in June, I panicked. I was so scared she'd be born with some sort of heart condition. But, at four days old, her heart is beating away, perfectly healthy. She passed all her screenings in the hospital, and so far is the most perfect baby ever. I am so thankful for her, and for my other three wonderful, healthy, fun kids.

A helpful ten-year-old. Lexi has always been a good kid, but she has risen to the occasion these past few days. She's switched laundry, cleaned the kitchen, let Lizzy sleep with her while I was in the hospital and just been an awesome big sister and a wonderful daughter. I hope and pray she never changes.

An accepting eight-year-old. Poor Jake really wanted a brother, even though he never said it. He told us all along he didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, and that he was even ok with a sister, because that meant he wouldn't have to share his legos. But when Brad called to tell him the news, he couldn't hide his disappointment. I'm told he put his head in his hands and said "in my heart I really wanted a brother". My heart broke when I heard that. But he came around quickly. He had dibs on being the first to hold Morgan when they finally met after school on Friday. Just as a few days before he couldn't hide his disappointment, this time he couldn't hide his pride. He is ready to protect his little sisters (I suspect he may also protect his big sister from time to time).

My sweet Lizzy. I was so worried about her and how she would deal with a new baby. We put the crib in her room about a month ago so she could get used to the idea of sharing her room. That didn't go so well, and earlier this week, she was convinced we were getting another puppy, not another baby. She was so naughty when I was in the hospital. Visiting restrictions because of the flu meant the kids couldn't visit, so poor Lizzy went almost three days without seeing me. Brad left her with a friend on Wednesday night. She cried and avoided her (thank goodness for Lexi!). Thursday my mom came to watch her so Brad could come to the hospital...she cried for an hour, then took a three hour nap. And when he took her to Uncle Ed's yesterday morning, she threw a fit for him too. But when we got there with baby Morgan, she quickly changed her tune. She kissed her new sister, introduced herself, hugged Brad and I and said "thank you". All weekend she's been kissing her sister, hugging me and saying "thank you Mom". My heart just melts. She is so thankful for her baby sister. Maybe she's glad to no longer be the baby of the family. Or maybe she's just happy to have me home. Whatever her reason, it's so sweet, and so typical Lizzy.
My understanding husband. Brad has been wonderful. Even after 13 years of marriage, he still surprises me. He's been so patient and helpful. I'm so thankful to have him around to help with meals, laundry, and the kids. The man who hates to shop has been to Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart, all in the past day... buying exciting items like diapers, wipes, and a dresser (then coming home and assembling that dresser so baby Morgan has somewhere for her clothes!) I've told myself I will nap as much as possible (lessons learned from past babies) and I'm so lucky to have Brad here to take Morgan so I can get a few hours of sleep. I think if he had his way, he'd be holding her a lot more...but I just can't give her up that much!

My friends and family. You guys have been awesome. From watching our kids, to bringing meals over (neither Brad nor I have cooked a meal since Tuesday) and even the phone calls and emails. It all means so much. Thank you for thinking of us. And, to my mom and my in-laws... next time you stop by I promise I'll be awake! Although I know you really came to visit Morgan :)

And at this very moment, I am thankful for peace and quiet. The little girls are sleeping, Jake is playing legos, Lexi is in her room doing whatever ten-year-old girls do, and Brad is playing poker. I know it will change soon... it's likely to be another sleepless night with baby Morgan, but I will enjoy every moment of the night with my baby in my arms. And that time with her will top my list of things I'm thankful for tomorrow.

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