Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World's Richest Woman

Yesterday Jake asked me if I like my job. It was early, everyone else was still sleeping. He had the day off from school and Brad had the day off of work. I was the only one who had to work and I was trying to get some work done from home before everyone woke up. I smiled at him, and said, "yes, I do like my job but I wish I didn't have to work. If I could afford it, I would quit so I'd have more time to be a mom". Jake, in his almost eight year old wisdom replied, "you are rich mom". When I gave him a funny look he explained that while I might not have a lot of money, I am rich because I have a wonderful husband who loves me, three great kids..especially one awesome son, and two big dogs. He laughed at himself, and I scooped him into my arms to give him a great big hug (not an easy feat, he's very big for his almost eight year old age!). That brief conversation with my son set the tone for my entire day, and I thought of him many times yesterday..whenever things didn't go quite right, I'd remember how rich I am and it was all better.
Someone once told me kids don't lie until we teach them to lie. So what Jake said about me being rich, is truly how he feels. How lucky am I to have such a smart kid? And he's right.. I am rich.. I do have a wonderful family and as I celebrate my 34th birthday today, I vow to remind myself of that each and every day, and to make this year the very best year ever. Afterall, what more could I ask for? I'm already the world's richest woman!
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